Abigail Murer, US SKI - Jr. National Team


- a phrase that I have come to know and love.

When you walk into EPA, that phrase is everywhere. It is above doors, on the backs of t-shirts, and most importantly, spread across the main wall of the gym in bold lettering. In my time at Elite, I've come to find that this motto is lived and breathed by every coach and every athlete. As an aspiring professional alpine ski racer, it is crucial to cover all the necessary bases during my off-season. My sport has taken me to all corners of the globe, yet I have never had a training experience comparable to working at EPA. I have an entirely individualized training program that has been designed to attend to the very specific needs my sport demands. Never have I had a conditioning coach pay such attention to detail in all aspects of my physical training, mental training, and overall well-being as an athlete. My desire to push myself is stronger than ever, my body has never felt more fluid, and I find myself wanting to stay at the Elite gym hours after I have finished my training sessions. When I get back onto snow after a few weeks at EPA, I always seem to have unlocked another level of confidence. I am able to push myself harder in training, stay on the hill longer, and challenge my technique in skiing with fewer limitations. The attention to detail in the gym has been proving to take seconds off of the clock. Not only am I stronger mentally and physically, but I know that I am prepared to take on whatever obstacles an international on-snow project, or entire season of ski racing may throw my way. Next season really does start today, and as an athlete I could not ask for a better support staff than the one I have at Elite Performance Academy.

Abigail Murer, National Level Skier